Los Ojos del Cuervo

Oh well, now that I take a look at my older posts I realize I’m not a big fan of blogging. To be honest, I’m that kind of person that thinks that nobody cares about my life. And the best thing is that I know it’s true. Therefore, I’m not used to blogging, tweeting, nor any other kind of social networking. My friends are just a few and those are in direct contact with me. So, why should I care about social networking? I don’t. But sometimes, you just want to “tell the world”. And today is one of those days!

After almost 4 years of intense (and not-so-intense) work, headaches, planning, and replanning: I managed to write my first novel. I can’t believe it, but its true. And I’m so happy about it that I want to share my joy with anyone who comes across this post. I’m happy I did it.

I think it’s hard to understand what does it mean to finish your own novel. To me, it’s been a hard time. I’m not a professional writer, and therefore it is just a hobby to me. I write when I can, when I’ve got the time, and most of all: when I’ve got the energies. As a designer, I’ve got quite a busy daily life. I work a ton of hours at my workplace, I manage tons of large projects, speak with hundreds of people and when I’m home the only thing I want (and need)is to have some rest. Some well deserved rest. As so, not many times you want to sit in front of your laptop again and keep working with it.

So, from time to time in four long years, I’ve managed to write a novel. And to be honest: it is not a bad one. It all started with a challenge. I was tired of mystery films. I really was. I always knew who was the bad-dude at the first 10 minutes of the film.

One day, somebody said that if “I was so tired, why don’t you write a better one yourself and shut your mouth up”. Now that’s a challenge!

And I did.

I wrote one chapter, followed by another, then another more. Nobody knew what was going to happen. Nobody knew who the bad guy was. Soon, I found myself writing a story that had to be well thought, well planned, and most of all: be believable. Also, I’m a huge fan of epic fantasy, so there was my own personal challenge. How do you turn a fantastic-epic story into a mystery one? Where are the dragons? The elves? The wizards and sorcerers? Aren’t they saving the world (again)? No. They are trying to find out who the serial killer is, and why is he doing such things.

After I finished the first draft, my friends suggested me to mail it to a publisher. And well, why not? I did. I knew that my friends loved me, but the professional media would reject it for sure. Well, six months later somebody contacted me about the story. They loved it, they even made some changes to it and mailed it back to me. Ok, that was unreal. But there it was.

When I received my draft back, I thought that all the advice was wise, but even if I wanted to make all those changes: I just did not have the time. Some days I would work on it, and most not. Two more years passed until I forced myself to finish “the goddamn book” . And I did. Two weeks ago. I finished it.

Along this long way, two great illustrators made outstanding illustrations of the main characters of the novel. And as so, I wanted to include them in the book. After finishing it, I decided to do my job and work for myself. I designed the cover (with my friend’s Joel illustration), I designed the spine, I designed the back cover. And also all the insides. I designed everything about this book. Because after all, it was MY book. And I wanted to do everything that I could.

The result is out there. On sale at Amazon. Los Ojos del Cuervo.

Why Amazon? Because I want my story to be told, not to make me rich. I don’t want endless contracts with publishers that will buy your soul and you’ll never know it. I just wanted my story to go out there and allow some people to enjoy it as much as I did writing it down. And that’s the reason behind its price. I set the lowest possible price on Amazon. Once again, I just want that whoever wants to give it a try: just do it. Don’t stand back because of the price. It’s “almost” free.

After all this wall of text (and a wall of grammar mistakes, sorry!!) all I have to say now is that you can get the book from here. In spanish, obviously (but I’m already talking with a professional translator…)


Thanks for reading!