Breakout Kings

FOX was about to launch “Breakout Kings” in Spain.

They wanted and needed an advertising campaign and we were roaming around just in time! By that time, we worked as the creative team of WNTC.

After too much thinking and ten thousand of crazy ideas, we managed to draft a plan. An evil plan, indeed! We wanted to give our beloved citizens a little bit of chaos, mixed with a little bit of fun.

FOX said yes, please! do it!

This is going to be nuts!

Therefore, how did we set this madness?

We hired some scary actors and disguised them as prisoners (handcuffs included!), the next step was easy: allow them to simply walk around. More than 10 spanish cities were visited by these “prisoners” while we recorded everything that happened. As people seen them, they got scared, they got curious, they laughed and they asked. It was quite unusual, and they did look dangerous.

Some of our actors even went inside shopping stores to just buy something. The faces of the staff inside were more than white as they saw them!

Many newspapers reported that prisoners were seen around. Of course, this was all a part of our evil plan. We had previously sent them some delicious muffins with an USB drive hidden inside! So they knew this was just some evil marketing.

After a week, the great breakout happened. These newspapers published that a very dangerous prisoner was being moved from one prison to another in Madrid today. And then… the prisoner managed to break out right in the most famous street of Madrid. He managed to run along all the street, passing among citizens that just didn’t know what was going on. After him, 3 “top-secret” polices were chasing his steps. But in the end, the bad guy managed to escape from them.

The footage of this action was recorded and shown on TV as an actual advertising(you can see it in our slider!)

With this TV ad, we announced that a GAME was taking place on facebook, were you had to hunt down the prisoners that appeared on each of the weekly chapters. The one who caught most of them and faster, got a trip to NY!

It was fun, and succesful.

So successful that FOX asked us to do the same with another of their series… “American Horror Story”. But that’s “another story”!