ABC Kiosko y Más

Almost three years after the first “ABC Kiosk”, I noticed it was as old and ugly as it could be. With no time to loose and a good bunch of ideas in my mind, I started to work on this project by myself. I just felt the need to revamp all the interface. Give it a much more actual look and make it more appealing to our public.

What kind of magic is this?

The design changes with the weather!

As you can see, the background and color-scheme changes constantly depending on the weather. That would reinforce and enhance the experience of reading the newspaper, as (when our users had to go out to buy it in the morning) the first thing you would notice is the weather. Therefore, the idea behing the design was to digitalize the feeling of getting your newspaper in the morning.

Due to some internal problems, this new design not be launched yet. Maybe, someday, it will be out!