Panda Security

New years, new challenges. My happy period at Vocento came to an end as soon as the guys at Panda Security phoned me. They had a project I just could not refuse, so I decided to shake their hand and I couldn't be more happy about it.

ABC Kiosko y Más

Almost three years after the first "ABC Kiosk", I noticed it was as old and ugly as it could be. With no time to loose and a good bunch of ideas in my mind, I started to work on this project by myself.


Winner of a Silver Medal in the ÑH10 - SNDE Awards for tablet applications   The girls at "Mujerhoy" wanted to land on mobile territory, therefore, they asked us a good way to launch an application that was supposed to be heavily based on graphics, pictures and usability. (Smartphone)

As times goes by, I noticed that ABC App (is almost 2 years old by now) was getting ugly and older. Therefore, I decided to give it a graphic revamp, having special care of making a new menu for users to be easier to navigate through the app. (Tablet)

The guys at wanted to break into the tablet market in an atonishing way. The result was this amazing app, full of content, loaded with user experience and a high graphical charge in all the possible ways.

Grada 360 (Smartphone)

Along with the main site, Grada 360 wanted to launch a fully opperative mobile version for iOS & Android. This was the initial design, which was fully approved except for the logo.


The girls at "Mujerhoy" were happy with the huge success of their brand new "Mujerhoy Tablet App" (Winner of the ÑH10 - SNDE Awards -Silver Medal- More than 5,000 downloads and an average rating of 5 stars!!!!).


Someday, I had the chance to work with the guys at "The Mobile Bakery" a bunch of talented guys that were already working in a project with Caprabo.

ABC en 20

As a printed newspaper, ABC can not offer all of its content for free on the web. Thats why they decided to launch an app that would grant premium users (and actual subscribers) full access to a total amount of 20 articles previously selected by their best journalists in order to provide the most relevant information to the most demanding readers.

Area VIP

Any ABC suscriber should have some kind of benefits appart from being able to read the actual newspaper in his/her tablet or smartphone.